2 Metastain™ - Test for Metastatic Cancer

BioStratum's collaborating laboratory at the Karolinska Institute, directed by BioStratum cofounder Dr. Tryggvason, was the first to discover that metastatic tumors produce the basal lamina protein laminin g2 at the tumor's invasive front. It appears that tumor cells utilize this protein in a basic mechanism of migration to invade surrounding tissue. This finding has been published in leading scientific journals and confirmed in a number of laboratories throughout the world.

Subsequent studies comparing the laminin g2 staining patterns of tumor biopsies and patient outcome (retrospective studies) show a strong correlation between the level of laminin g2 detected and the presence of invasive, metastatic cancer. This pattern has thus far been demonstrated for colon, cervical, breast, vaginal, and larynx cancers, and other types of cancers are currently under investigation. Our research indicates that in the case of cervical cancer, g2-Metastain™ can detect the presence
of early invasive cancer when traditional stains are reading negative for cancer. We expect that this capacity for early detection will be seen in other cancers as well. These studies have been performed by leading oncologists at the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden. The Company is currently continuing the evaluation of g2-Metastain™ on additional tumor types and conducting a study to evaluate its effectiveness in the clinical laboratory.