Anti-Metastatic Monoclonal Antibody

BioStratum scientists discovered that most invading
tumor cells utilize a laminin-5 mediated mechanism of tumor migration. Extensive analyses of human tumor biopsies show the presence of the y2 chain of laminin-5
on the tumor's leading edge, and its detection serves
as a measure of the tumor's invasive potential. In vitro studies have shown that antibodies against the g2 chain
of laminin-5 inhibit tumor migration. We have developed a monoclonal antibody to this chain and we are currently testing it in animal models to evaluate its efficacy as
an anti-metastatic agent. We have also developed a diagnostic test that utilizes this advancement, referred
to as g2-Metastain™, which BioStratum believes can detect the presence of early invasive cancer before its detection with currently available tests. We have begun
a final clinical study utilizing this test that is scheduled
for completion in 2001. BioStratum will seek FDA regulatory approval at completion of the study.

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