Historical Releases

September 28, 1999


BioStratum appoints Claus Kühl as President and CEO


September 8, 1999


BioStratum's drug Pyridorin™ enters human clinical trials for treatment of diabetic kidney disease


July 6, 1999


Report in PNAS on role of Nephrin, the kidney filter protein
-- Studies identify nephrin as a key target for therapeutic strategies to improve kidney function --


June 4, 1999


Report in SCIENCE on X-ray crystal structure of Matrix Metalloproteinase-2 (MMP-2)
--In vivo MMP-2 is a key target for anti-cancer drug development --


April 21, 1999


BioStratum Receives patent
on Type IV Collagen-Derived
Anti-Angiogenesis Agent
-- In vivo results show efficacy against three tumor types --


April 1, 1999

BioStratum cofounder and research consortium receive $16 million diabetes research grant from Novo Nordisk Foundation


April 1, 1999

BioStratum raises $6.0 million from Scandinavian venture firms
-- Expands Sweden Subsidiary Operations --


November 11, 1998

Novel viral vaccine protects against AIDS in animal model
-- BioStratum forms new subsidiary THERAVAX to develop new therapeutic approach to treat HIV-1 infection using vaccines --


October 29, 1998

BioStratum reports drug candidate Pyridorin™ demonstrates improved performance in preventing
kidney disease in animal
models of diabetes
-- Results suggest unique
post-Amadori inhibition key
to improved efficacy --


March 20, 1998

BioStratum reports promising advances for the treatment of progressive kidney disease
-- Nephrotic syndrome gene identified; codes for key protein in kidney filtration barrier --
-- Drug candidate Pyridorin™ prevents development of diabetic kidney disease --


September 18, 1997

BioStratum announces first production of recombinant laminin -- Recombinant laminin to be used in advanced skin regeneration program --


March 4, 1997

BioStratum announces novel post-Amadori inhibitor drug candidates for diabetes complications
-- New inhibitors target different step in nonenzymatic glycation pathway --