Corporate Overview

BioStratum is a world leader in basal lamina research.
The Company's research has identified a wealth of new therapeutic targets and drug cialis candidates for preventing or treating kidney disease, cancer, and autoimmune diseases all of which currently lack effective treatments.

The Company's first drug candidate, Pyridorin™, a small molecule inhibitor of advanced glycation end-product formation, is currently advancing through clinical trials
for diabetic kidney disease. Angiocol™, a proprietary
anti-angiogenesis agent that targets the basal lamina, dramatically inhibits the growth of tumors in animal
studies, and should soon begin clinical trials. The Company's basal lamina research programs have also identified novel therapeutic targets and drug candidates
for autoimmune and other kidney diseases, currently in preclinical development. In addition, BioStratum is the
first to develop recombinant basal lamina molecules, a promising new class of regenerative medicines.