Karl Tryggvason BioStratum Cofounder Wins Homer Smith Award

Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, October 23, 2000-The American Society of Nephrology(ASN) awarded
Karl Tryggvason, M.D., Ph.D., its highest honor, the
Homer Smith Award. The ceremony took place on
October 15 in Toronto at the ASN's annual convention attended by nearly 12,000 physicians and scientists
who specialize in diseases of the kidney.

The Homer Smith award is presented each year to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution in kidney research. ASN conferred this year's award on
Dr. Tryggvason for his discovery of the nephrin gene,
which is providing new understanding of the kidney's ultrafilter, the glomerular slit membrane, and for his extensive research findings on the body's basal lamina
and its structure, genes and involvement in human diseases.

Dr. Tryggvason is a member of the Nobel Assembly for Physiology or Medicine and the Head of the Division of Matrix Biology at the world-renowned Karolinska Institute
in Stockholm, Sweden.

He is also one of the founding scientists of BioStratum Incorporated, a drug discovery and development company headquartered in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. BioStratum's two lead drug candidates are direct results
of basal lamina research, Pyridorinä for diabetic kidney disease is in Phase II clinical trials, and Angiocolä, a
novel, proprietary anti- angiogenic targeting cancer is in
late stage preclinical development. He is also scientific director of BioStratum AB, the Company's fully-owned, Stockholm-based research and development subsidiary.

Dr. Tryggvason is a recognized leader in international scientific circles speaking at more than 90 international conferences since 1985. He is credited with more than
180 original publications, 46 reviews and book chapters
and more than 20 patents.

He has received numerous other awards and scientific recognition which include the Kaitera Prize and the Jahre Prize and he maintains active memberships on prestigious European scientific committees.


About BioStratum Incorporated

BioStratum Incorporated, the world leader in basal lamina research, is developing a pipeline of drugs based on more than 20 years of research on the basal lamina's central role in many diseases. The basal lamina is a thin membrane that separates and directs the function of cells throughout the body and serves as the tissues "biological operating system." The Company's lead drug candidate, Pyridorin ä, is advancing through clinical trials for diabetic kidney disease. Angiocolä, an anti-angiogenesis cancer agent
that inhibit capillary assembly, will soon begin clinical trials. BioStratum has also identified novel therapeutic targets for kidney disease, cancer, regenerative medicine and autoimmune disease. Headquartered in North Carolina, BioStratum conducts much of its research through collaborations with the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, and the University of Kansas Medical Center.